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MSA Magazine Autumn 2014

-Page 4 Farewell to all readers

-Page 5 How will parental leave effect small business

-Page 17 The improvements to our High Street continues.

-Page 18-19 Cordwainers and cobblers during the 1st World War

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Latest News from the MSA

An essential guide to the dos and don'ts around disciplinary and dismissals

Managing a team of staff can be thoroughly rewarding, but the job is not without its troubles, particularly when it comes to the difficult task of disciplining or dismissing a member of staff.


Tax-Free Childcare: 10 things parents and employers should know

From autumn 2015 Tax-Free Childcare will be available to nearly 2 million households to help with the cost of childcare, enabling more parents to go out to work, if they want to, to provide greater security for their families. Here’s the top ten things to know about the scheme…


A need-to-know summary of the key employment law changes small business owners should be aware of from 6th April 2014.

With 1 in 6 employment disputes now ending up in tribunal with average costs of £9,000, the Association is all too aware of the need to keep members up to date with the latest changes to workplace rules and regulations
From 6 April, the first of the government's common commencement dates for several key changes to workplace legislation are due to come into force.